Interview with M.O

Bela Meades Of Radio King Online caught up with the exciting trio, emerging girl group M.O as they prepare to release their new single “Dance On My Own”

In the interview Annie, Frankee & Nadine talked about “Dance On My Own” and the garage influence behind it, touring with Little Mix (on their Salute Tour), their debut album, the comparisons made between M.O. & Neon Jungle and much much more!

0:33 How did their M.O’s new single “Dance On My Own” Come About
1:09 The Garage Influence On “Dance On My Own”
1:43 M.O On Their Debut Album
2:37 M.O Touring With Little Mix…What Was The Experience Like?
3:14 The Biggest Lesson M.O Learnt From Touring With Little Mix
3:40 The Comparisons Between M.O & Neon Jungle
4:14 Who Is The Most Intelligent? Who Is The Most Creative? Who Is The Most Likely To Get Arrested?
5:17 Dead Or Alive…Who Would They Most Like To Collaborate With?
5:42 What Do M.O Hope To Achieve With Dance On My Own

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