Ba’sheba talks about what influences her music

Ba’sheba talks about what influences her music and plans for an album


Genre: R&B/soul
Albums: Hold On Remixes, Sessions, Bad Friends, Good Enemies, Axiom Pt.1, Axiom Pt. 2
People also search for: Jordan Reece, Luui, YoYo Boy, Luhx., Sonique

Hailing from North West London, the beautiful & stylish Basheba brings us a unique, combination of drum & bass, blues, R&B and gospel. She has been perfecting her vocal style from a young age and writing since the tender age of 14, so it’s no wonder that the likes of The Writers Block and award winning songwriter Blair Mackichan have asked to work with her. Although she was born and raised in London by her British Dad and Bajan Mum, Basheba say she is ‘inspired’ by her Bajan roots and believes her love of music stems from the passion the people of Barbados have for music. Spending every school holiday in Barbados she feels she is as much British as she is Bajan.

Basheba released her debut EP ‘Bad friends, Good enemies’ in October 2014.
She creates an evocative narrative in her music. She says, “A song is nothing without a story. I’m a storyteller, I just tell my stories through song.” This storytelling inspired the artistic photographer Linda Blacker to work closely with Basheba to create images that have grabbed the attention of both music & fashion press alike.

Check out Basheba on Facebook and Twitter

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