S/O Artist of The Week

S/O Artist Of The Week


Hey, how’s it going..

I came up with this idea to do a segment on this blog each Friday, showing love to the artist that has me playing the same song, over and over.

This week, I have to show love to,

Jorja Smith – Beautiful Little Fools


Listen to ‘Beautiful Little Fools’ – http://listen.platoon.ai/beautiful-li…

Jorja was inspired to write “Beautiful Little Fools” (at the age of 16) after reading “The Great Gatsby” and, in particular, a passage from the book in which Daisy expresses her hopes that her infant daughter would “be a fool – that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool”. Jorja took issue with this statement and so used the phrase to form the basis of her song, in which she laments the restrictions that society and established social constructs place upon women.

The music video for the track – released on International Women’s Day – draws upon the “Gatsby” aesthetic and sees three versions of Jorja from different walks of life crossing paths…

Video credits:
Director – Hector Dockrill
Producer – Stephanie Paeplow / Pulse Films

Track credits:
Performed and written by Jorja Smith – http://www.twitter.com/JorjaSmith
Produced by Charlie – https://twitter.com/charlieproducer
Mixed/Mastered by Engine Earz – https://twitter.com/EngineEarz
Engineered by Riccardo Damian – http://riccardodamian.com/

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