Motivational Mondays

Motivational Mondays 

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So, Its spring; the days are warm or /if your in my case and live in Salford, Manchester then its often cold, dull and rainy but we’ve just escaped from the dark nights of winter which is a cause for celebration but most importantly, we are in spring which is associated with the beginning of the crop production season; a period where crops begin to blossom symbolizing new beginnings and a chance for new growth.

Now, everyone who knows me, KNOWS I am a PROUD advocate of positive affirmations, and I’m always preaching about the power of positive thought, and the Law Of Attraction, but as we move from those cold winter nights, into a new year, it gets harder everyday to remember to give yourself a break.

They are many ways of dealing with stress and staying happy and satisfied. 

Some people go to a spa, some go to the gym, some play video games some, treat themselves to a get away once in a while. Well, however small or extreme, your escape is, and whatever your budget, make sure you ALWAYS immense yourself in solitude. 

Give yourself some time and space to get away from the expectation, the conversation, the noise, the media and the pressure. Take some time each day to read a book, take a long walk, meditate, or sit on a bench and just look and appreciate. Take a long thoughtful road trip. 

Whatever works for you. Move away from anything that distracts you from contemplating your life and where you want to go. 

In solitude, you should feel independent and self sufficient, not lonely, needy or afraid. 

I get away the best that I can, to focus on my personal goals and to keep focused. My Thursday are dedicated for my “me” time, where I assign myself the day to be completely lazy and be “work free” at home. Once I leave work, I leave everything behind on Thursday. 

Also Every morning I go for a long walk, to hone my creativity before heading to the radio office. My day usually ends at 17:00pm so the rest of the evening is spent, by myself, writing in my journal.

I also have a separate Instagram account away from my social account that is anonymous where, I follow just inspirational accounts. So every morning, and every night, I switch from my social account to @Closetooperfect  and my timeline is filled with nothing but motivational words of wisdom and great health tips to stay rich, healthy, happy. This keeps me smiling. It could be as simple as that. Find what keeps you smiling.

Look after yourself.


B x



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