S/O to CHINAH – The Artist of The Week

TS/O Artist Of The Week

 I’m back again with another round of “Artist of the week”, and this week I have to give the title to, Chinah!

Chinah never fails to amaze me with their electronic strings and their pillow-soft R&B and if you follow me, I’ve posted about them so many times on my social media. I can’t get enough of the trio. Their music brings me in a state of utopia, and is an infinite breathe of fresh air. Although I’m pretty much in love with a majority of their songs; “We go back’ is a song that has been on my mind this whole week so I had to give it tribute. Listen below





CHINAH – We Go Back


The synth-pop trio leans more toward the mellow side of the spectrum, incorporating quiet hints of funk and R&B into their icy Scandinavian aesthetic. We previously heard the velvet unraveling of “Away From Me,” and today we’re premiering the slinky chameleon “We Go Back.” The song flows like silk from one section to the next, now a quiet, rippling funk guitar, then a buzz of static animating the repeating phrase “don’t give me up.” Over the course of five minutes the song morphs from soft and minimal to experimental, insistently fierce, and finally, a fadeout in a wash of white noise.

Listen below.

Chinah’s five-song EP will be out later this year.

Other tracks

CHINAH – Colder | P3 | DR Output


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