Creative Spotlight – DJ Selecta Suave

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In my new segment Creative Spotlight, I will be showcasing the creative talent dictionary, responsible for your entertainment.  I shine the spotlight on the finest work and hear the inspirational stories of those working in the creative industry whether it be, rappers, singers, DJs, You-tubers, Presenters, media outlets, public figures, upcoming or ahead of their game. We get to meet the masterminds behind it all.

Kicking starting off the series is

Introducing DJ Selecta Suave 


You’ve more than likely come across the name Selecta Suave over the past month or so especially if you’re on the twitter timeline. His creating a major buzz for himself. By trade he’s a DJ, his MOBO soul infused mix featuring the finest voices in British Soul & R&B.

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I catch up with  Selecta Suave to see what he has been getting up to.

  1. Tell us a bit about you and how you got into the music industry?

Yeah man, my name’s Selecta Suave, I’m from Tottenham, North London, I’m a DJ and sometimes producer. I’m not stuck to just one genre either, like, man does all kind of fly shit, I just play good music. I accidentally ended up in the industry after Skepta retweeted one of the mashups I was doing on Vine, bare people just started following me and asking questions so I thought I’d give the industry a go.

2. Obviously music has dominated your adult life, but when you were growing up, was music a big part of your life then? Do you come from a musical background or did you play any instruments?

Definitely, my yard is full of CDs (laughs), my dad’s always been a fan of music. Stuff like how even though I’m Ghanaian/Togolese I’d wake up to Beres Hammond playing in the house on a Sunday. In terms of instruments (laughs) I used to play recorder in primary school but I don’t remember shit (laughs).

3. When did you first start DJing? and How did you get interested in DJing? Were you a clubber first and somehow migrated from the dance floor to the booth?

Like… let’s say two years? It’s been ages man. I started off downloading a program called Virtual DJ, I remember one of my uncles had it and because I’m resourceful like that I can get close to any program I want for free. I started learning more about DJ’ing and realized that Virtual wasn’t the greatest program to use for DJ’ing so I jumped on Serato and it’s been a madting ever since.

Which three DJs influenced you the most in your early development?

Definitely has to be DJ EZ, Grandmaster Flash and Sir Spyro.

 How would you describe your current DJing style in one sentence?

Different flavours.

What influenced you to launch your own show on Radar, and what goals did you want to achieve with it?

It started from me being in Radar near enough the whole time (laughs) that’s my practice spot so I’m always there, I was doing one off shows but I was listening to people like Kenny Allstar and Snoochie Shy and I wanted to be able to project my personality in the same way – so I started practicing on that as well and Radar shouted man to do a show! I know a lot of wavy people doing big things and I like being the plug, connecting people to a wider audience and opportunities so yeah, stay tuned for alla dat!

What have you learnt so far from working in the industry?

One big lesson that I’ve learned from doing working in the music industry is this – the game is the game. There are going to be times when you’ve been working your ass off for months and you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere but someone you know isn’t as talented as you is speeding ahead. You just have to stay focused on your own path and stay away from comparing your journey to someone else’s.

 How would you advice people trying to break into the industry and pursue this dream?

If you’ve watched Breaking Bad my general advice would be “Don’t be an asshole”. Trust me, if you go out and you just be nice to people you’ll end up making the right connections and meet the right people to push your dream closer to reality. If you go on social media and start saying mad things about a group of people who aren’t like you, that’s closing a big door of opportunities cos those people and their friends won’t like you or fuck with you.

What has been the highlight DJing moment of your career so far?

Boy (laughs) it would probably be my first international gig in Belgium with my bros Kojey Radical, Afronaut Zu and Intalekt, it was special to me because a I have a lot of family over there, I’ve been there like 6 times but to come back as a new person with a new purpose was sick, I can’t lie.

What projects do you have coming up in the next few months?

 Well… (laughs) I’ve got some sick stuff lined up with the MOBO Awards platform, so watch out for that, got quite a few sets and gigs coming up, new mixes in time for summer… listen just know I’m securing the bag and it’s gonna be a madting once I do.

Whats the socials?

Selectasuave everywhere (Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, anything else you can think of lmao)

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