Motivational Monday – FEAR – Don’t Settle for Safe

Motivational Monday – F.E.A.R – Don’t Settle for Safe

Hi Guys

Today’s post was inspired by The Easter Sunday service by Sarah Jakes Roberts and I’m going to touch on this theory of Not Settling for Safe and here’s what I mean. 

I have the tendency to write loads in my blog posts so I’m going to keep it short and simple this week.


For a long time, fear had paralyzed me, and kept me from truly living the life of my dreams, the life without no limits, the life I truly deserve. I use to avoid everything and anything that made me feel uncomfortable. I made an excuse for it, “I’m too ill or I’m busy” truth be told, I was terrified! I was scared to do that big interview that could potential propel me, or I was scared to start my own YouTube channel that could be a success or I was scared to host that event on stage in front of all those people that work in the industry or I was scared to say how I really feel to those who truly care about me. I wanted to be in control of everything. I didn’t like the possibility of the unknown. The fear of the unknown which is what they call it. I was at a point in my life where disappointment was consistent, and I was struggling to overcome it. My defense mechanism was playing it safe because, I hated being vulnerable. Vulnerable, me? Forget it. I was strong……. you know what’s coming. I am a Strong Independent Black Woman. Oh…. So, I thought. Truth be told, I was a scared little girl that was yet to experience life. I had yet to learn that If voices of insecurity, doubt, and fear are not confronted, they will dictate your life. You cannot silence these voices or ignore them, but of course, me being the stubborn woman that I am, I continued to live my life, safe. My mind was cluttered with the possibility of “what if” and it ate me alive.

When your mind becomes cluttered with the possibilities of “what if,” there is no room for faith. It’s the worse life to live. You’re frozen. Living life prepared for the worst possible outcome is like living in a cage—it’s not freedom. Over time, you will recognize the difference between guarding your heart and restricting it. You’ll learn to stop talking yourself out of the good things God has promised to all who live according to His purpose.

You can’t settle for a life dictated by insecurities or previous experiences. You have access to power that is capable of working within you to free you from any mental and emotional bondage that has convinced you a better life is not within your grasp. We cannot tap into that power and hang on to excuses at the same time. Your heart, mind, and hands must be free to lay hold of all that is ahead of you.

Destroying excuses is a discipline that must be practiced with our thoughts, communication, and actions. There is only room for language that declares: I will! Growth occurs when we confront our personal experiences and how they’ve changed us. You can create a new pattern and move forward with determination like never before, but you must learn what’s stopped you in the past and confront them. You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face.

The best advice that I ever received was “like attracts like”, what you focus on grows. What you fear, you attract.


The day I made a conscious decision to face my fear was the day, everything changed.

My life was more fulfilling.

And the funniest thing happened…

I realized that I was living in fear for no reason because what I was scared of, really wasn’t that scary.

Anyway, God Bless and remember………

What is supposed to be yours, is always yours

so don’t worry about it…

Have faith.


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