Creative Spotlight – BBC’s 1xtra Jamz Supernova 

Creative Spotlight – BBC’s 1xtra Jamz Supernova



In my new segment Creative Spotlight, I will be showcasing the creative talent dictionary, responsible for your entertainment.  I shine the spotlight on the finest work and hear the inspirational stories of those working in the creative industry whether it be, rappers, singers, DJs, You-tubers, Presenters, media outlets, public figures, upcoming or ahead of their game. We get to meet the masterminds behind it all.

Next up meet, one of the leading next generation DJ’s/Presenter in the UK, Jamz Supernova

Introducing Jamz Supernova

As one of the leading next generation DJ’s in the UK, JAMZ SUPERNOVA has passion for her craft in abundance. She tells us her story and gives us some tips on how to stay motivated and focused.

At what stage in your life did you know you wanted to be a presenter?

I knew I wanted to be a presenter quiet early from around 14, I decided I wanted to be a TV presenter, it wasnt till I got to the BRIT School for college I became more focused on radio!

How did you get into presenting and how did your show on BBC 1 XTRA come about?

My love of music led me to presenting, I’ve always been really into music & finding new music from an early age! But being a musician wasnt really an option as I definetly cant sing & my poor 1st grade piano skills werent going to help so I felt if I was a presenter I could still be a part of the music industry! My show at 1X came about after 5 years on community radio & interning & working at the BBC behind the scenes! After covering shows & them seeing me grow I was offered a show! 

We see the glitz and glam, which looks amazing but talk to us about the “behind the scenes” that people don’t see?  Whats the workload like? Does a lot of work go into co-ordinating your show. Whats pressure’s do you face? Walk us through a normal day at work for you.

I definitely think the hard work side is what alot of people don’t see! Also the rejection people often don’t realise how many knock backs you get & still get throughout your career! I put a lot of work into my radio shows with my specialist show taking around 6 hours to plan. My working week is quiet varied as I also have other roles outside of radio from being an A&R consultant at RCA, running my Future Bounce club night, preparing for DJ sets or working on my youtube series “Studio Bounce” In terms of Pressure, I think sometimes it can feel relentless I dont have any days off, but Im learning its important to take time off be it an afternoon or a holiday as it really helps with inspiration & problem solving with a clear head! 

You need experience to get work but you need work to gain experience, so how would a person trying to pursue a career in presenting go about getting their foot in the door or even being shortlisted for work experience without any first hand experience within the field?

Passion can get you sometimes further then exp, if your passionate about a station or company you shouldn’t be deterred to apply just because you don’t have the experience.
I think in this day & age with stations like Reprezent, Radar, NTS etc its never been easier to get experience at a radio station that nurtures young talent. Getting in with a station like that is a really great start.Also there are so many more people who are carving out there own careers. If you want to present visually why not start your own blog or intern with a platform like Bk Chat or Not For The Radio.

How would you advise others to break away from the competition in such a highly competitive market?

Focus on yourself & what your doing! Its natural to sometimes feel jealous or un motivated if you constantly compare yourselves to others. But its how you challenge it into positive energy. There is room for everyone you just have to keep reminding yourself!

Often, people may run into important people working within the industry or big bosses whether it be at a networking event or else where but

 no one, likes to be bombarded so, What’s the best way to approach the big bosses?

Sometimes you just have to go for it! You cant be shy, but be tactful & polite in your approach! If your self aware you should be able to gage if its appropriate for you to go over & ask for advice, perhaps its better to introduce yourself & ask for an email instead! 

From back when you were first starting out to now, is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have stopped being so hard on myself about achieving things within a short time frame. Now i know this can be a life long career so theres no rush to get to the top so quick. 

Whats the highlight of your career so far?

I’ve had many highlights, I think getting my show on 1Xtra was deffo a highlight as It was something I’d worked for straight for 5 years. Its opened my eyes to what I can achieve if im persistent & persevere. 

If you could go back in time what piece of advice would you give the young, you when you first started out?

Take your time & chill out!

Tell us about any exciting projects that you have coming up? DJ gigs etc?

So my next Future Bounce club night is 19th May & we’re taking over our first festival. Catch us at Peckham Rye Music Festival with our own room featuring Addison Groove, Tala, Kxngs, Martha & Jyoty!!

I’ve also got a really busy summer playing loads of Festivals from Love Saves The Day, Detonate, Parklife, Strawberries & Creem, Blissfields & a few more i can’t announce yet!

Also I’m really excited about my Youtube series “Studio Bounce” where we explore production & producers studios with some of my fave artists. Look out for ones dropping with Jarreau Vandal, Toddla T & more

What are the socials?

Twitter: @JamzSupernova




Tickets for my next club night:

Catch me on 1Xtra Tuesday 10pm-1am & Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm –

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