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In my segment Creative Spotlight, I will be showcasing the creative talent dictionary, responsible for your entertainment.  I shine the spotlight on the finest work and hear the inspirational stories of those working in the creative industry whether it be, rappers, singers, DJs, You-tubers, Presenters, media outlets, public figures, upcoming or ahead of their game. We get to meet the masterminds behind it all.

This week on Creative Spotlight, we have 

Singer/ Songwriter & Successful Youtuber Talia Mar

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Hey Talia, so First things first, were going to talk music!  How did you get your foot into the music industry?
Well I pretty much got my start at The BRIT School, I made friends their and met people who were already working in the industry and that was really my first step into the professional music world.
So lets talk about your latest track, In a Day, What inspired that track?
I really wanted to write a track from the perspective of the mistress in a relationship. I feel like it’s a really unexplored territory in songwriting as no one wants to portray themselves as the other woman. But to me songwriting is storytelling so it doesn’t have to necessarily reflect me.
Can we expect a music video for In a day?
I’m not doing a video for in the day – it was more just a track for fun, it’s not actually going to be on the EP.
Talk to us about your EP?
Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 17.35.08.png
My EP has just been announced and is being released June 30th with the pre-order date being announced soon! And there should be one collaboration on the EP, which I’m super excited for.
Okay so from starting out making Youtube music Covers to now exploring a completely different avenue. The beauty world and what a success it has been for you. Congratulations on 60000 subscribers. Hitting over 1million views on your videos. Thats a milestone.
Thank you! I still can’t wrap my head around it. I’ve always loved makeup and fashion and it just felt natural to start posting videos on it. I never expected to be working with brands and doing it for a living.
So what made you want to go in the direction of beauty/fashion and lifestyle vlogger.
Walk us through the step by step process of starting up? Did you have a budget?
It honestly started off as an accident! I decided to post a picture of my makeup on twitter and that picture ended up turning into a viral meme which started off my following. After a couple of months I had over 20,000 people following my twitter asking me to start a youtube channel teaching them how to do the looks I was posting. So I eventually did! And now I’m here ahaha. I really had no method, I honestly can’t really tell you how it happened!
How did you get your channel out there in terms of advertising and what advice could you give new Youtubers starting out that may be discouraged because their subscriber count is not where they want it to be?
I think the key is consistency and to not look at stats. Do it because you love it and people will love you for that. If you can do something no ones done before then that’s always a bonus, but truthfully nothing is really original anymore, so just inject your personality into your videos and make your USP your personality!
how did you stay motivated in the beginning when you first started out because. Many people will not see it paying off at first and so would quit half way. How did you stay determined to keep going?
Do it for yourself, then you’ll never feel the need to quit! If you’re doing something for other people, you’ll get bored quickly, if you’re doing to for yourself then a slow start won’t deter you because that’s not the reason you’re doing it. I made sure I was uploading videos that were fun to film so that I kept motivated to carry on!
So you recently did a campaign for Loreal, how did that come about?
L’Oréal actually got in contact with me! I think they found me through my Instagram. But when I got that email I could not believe what I was reading. To have such a major brand notice you is the craziest thing!
I saw a post on twitter about a Kylie Jenner Inspired look that you did on your Youtube Channel and someone quoted your picture saying, you look identical to her ahah, was you expecting that response? Has Kylie herself, seen it?
The most common thing people say to me online is ‘you look like Kylie jenner’ – so to some extent I did expect it to be worse on that post. However I did not expect it to get the attention that it did! I don’t think Kylie has seen it – if she has then she hasn’t said.
What other opportunities has youtube opened up for you?
Being on youtube has allowed me to travel so much in the short amount of time I’ve been doing it! The travel in itself has allowed me to meet friends from all over the world which is amazing. And the obvious of being able to work with brands is one of the amazing things youtube has allowed to do.
Whats your proudest achievement?
Probably my EP – the fact I’ve managed to produce it and write it all by myself is something I never would have believed I’d be able to do!
Where do you hope to take the channel, in 5 years for now?
I have no idea! I’d obviously love to hit the 1 million mark for subscribers but I think because it’s all been so unexpected thus far, I really don’t know what to expect from here.
Whats the next step for you? Whats 2017 looking like for Talia Mar?
I really want to get all of my music out and focus on doing that. 2017 is so exciting already, I have so many plans for this year already! I just want to keep growing and focus on building a career.
Any tips and advice for new you-tubers or new singer/songwriters on how to build a career in the field that they love.
The biggest tip I can give is don’t ever stop. Even when you’re certain you can’t do it – you need to just push through and you really will surprise yourself!
Whats the socials?
Instagram: Taliamarmusic
Twitter: @TaliaMarMusic

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