Motivational Monday Manchester, We Love You!

Manchester, We Love You!


Messages and floral tributes left for the victims of the attack on Manchester Arena lie around the statue in St Ann's Square in central Manchester
Messages and floral tributes left for the victims of the attack on Manchester Arena lie around the statue in St Ann’s Square in central Manchester, May 24, 2017. REUTERS/Jon Super

I was born and raised in London but I’ve developed a love and appreciation for Manchester as if it was my own city. I hold some of the best memories here in Manchester, and created and formed life long relationships and business deals that has brought me a step closer to my goal. Manchester open doors for me and welcomed me in with open arms and will always and forever,  be my first love.

My heart was and is shattered when I heard about the Manchester Attack on Monday night. I was at home getting ready to head out into town when I heard the news. unfortunately I don’t have a TV, in my accommodation so I don’t watch or hear about the news until the next morning when I pick up the local newspaper but my parents had called me to warn me and to make sure I was okay.  (Thank God for concern parents, ey)

My initial thought, was, “How could someone be so cruel?”.

It breaks my heart, to think about all the babies that were there, so innocent without a clue of the evil in this world until that moment where they had to run, in fear for their life.

Or what about all the babies that survived with all the nails in their organs?

I just can’t understand, why. I just can’t.

All I can do, is pray that the families that were affected, be given strength to get through it and eventually have a peace of mind knowing that even in a world full of so much wickedness,……you can still find love and people who are willing to share that love. Stay strong everyone, we shall get through it.

Thanks to Tattoo artist Sam Barber who made me believe in humanity again.

In the wake of the Manchester terror attack, local tattoo artists are appealing to raise money for the victims and families affected by the actions of the suicide bombing which took place on Monday something thatI think is a brilliant idea.

Tattoos of a bee are being offered for £50, with all of the profits going to the families affected.

The worker bee is a symbol of Manchester’s hard-working history, during the Industrial Revolution, and is part of its coat of arms. The symbolism that I like is that, bees always work together and they come together to make a beehive, so its a lovely connotation of how, together Manchester is……..which is shown with the way everyone has come together to support the families, after this tragic event.


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 00.57.12.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 00.56.55.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 00.57.23



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