Art has no limits – Meet Nubianizm The Artist

This week we interview Nubianizm The Artist who gained a following from her exquisite art work. She talks to me about her creative process, inspirations and more below.

  1. At what moment did you realise that you were good at drawing?

Its hard as an artist to really big up yourself and define my work as ‘good’ but more so as a ‘passion’ as the perception of my art may not appeal to everyone. Its like music. Everyone has different taste due to what appeals to them or fits their genre.. Because art for me is an ongoing journey. Im learning everyday and improving the more I draw. I don’t have an end goal because I know their will forever be room for improvement. And it depends on what you define as ‘good art’ as its each artist to their own and creativity has no limits. For instance my art work cannot be compared to abstract art work as its affect on its audience and the emotions it evokes is completely different to mine and can be perceived as better in someone else’s eye due to different perception of what makes art ‘good’.


2. What most often inspires your art? Is there any artists that also inspire you most?

What inspires me the most is the idea that art has no limits. Its like a second language for me where by I can express how I feel without using words. Its definitely a stress relief and a great escape from reality when I just want to get away. I am inspired by a lot of artists now a days but one of my favourite currently is chuck close a photo realist and @markusprime a famous social media artist who challenges social norms and is inspired by his ethnicity and culture which is the black community. He also uses intertextuality which is a very unique angle to approach his work by addressing social issues and being inspired by childhood cartoons and turning them into black characters.

3. How would you say, your drawing has changed and developed throughout the years?

Well I have transitioned from different styles of art over the years and did struggle to find my own speciality. Its funny because if I look back 5 years ago I could NEVER imagine the amount of progress, support and love I have gotten from my artwork. I started off being into anime and decided to come out of my comfort zone and try go for photo realism. It hasn’t been an easy journey but I enjoy every moment of it and hope to learn more and improve.


Creating makes me feel free. Like I can breathe better. Think more clearer and just be me

5. What do you think when you’ve looked at your finishing piece?
Sometimes when I’m drawing if I still can’t picture my finished product it frustrates me. As an artist Im a perfectionist so if I don’t get it right from the start it distracts my flow. But one thing Ive learnt is that patience is the key. Sometimes I’ve started with sh*t and at the end I ask myself “wait woz di meaning of dis?” lol or “not too bad tbh”. Rarely have a “I’m so proud of myself” moment. But I always have a “Its decent but I think next time ill try this so its better” and so on and so fourth.
6. What are your most favourite piece which you hold dear to your heart?
Hmmmm if I can call out my favourite pieces it would be my more personal and inspirational pieces of maybe my favourite musician I’ve drawn. So far my ‘Princess Mozambiqua” has been my favourite as I express the beauty and true royalty of being African decent and how undermined black beauty is in our society is today which has an huge affect on me and many other black woman today who are still learning to love themselves.
6.What do you believe is a key element in creating a good piece of art?
The key element of creating a good piece of art work is to persevere to do better. Never limit your capabilities and make sure you are confident that you can go beyond what you believe you can actually achieve. I also remind myself that as a human being I’m perfectly imperfect. But nevertheless I always try to learn from my mistakes and try to approach my work in a different manor to see what works best for me. Stepping out of my comfort choice was definitely the best choice I ever made. And I will always say to myself when in doubt or struggling ‘When God wants you to grow he will make you feel uncomfortable” so I can go beyond what I believe I am actually capable with. Its all about no limits.

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