The finest in indie, grime, house, electronica, techno and all that’s in between, Parklife 2017

So the recent weekend seen Parklife Festival 2017 in Manchester’s very own Heaton Park and I feel like I’ve only just recovered. My shoes baptised in mud, body still aching from all the dancing and the filming.  48 hours filled with some of the biggest music artists ever. I was lucky enough to bag myself a FREE VIP,  Press pass ;which allowed us access to the artist village and filming permits which allowed me to film in the pit, whilst the artist was performing away from the crowd and get interview from the celebrities for the station. The pros of being a presenter ey?

I was able to bring a plus one, so I got one of my good friends who is amazing by the way to come along with me and he was my cameraman for the day. Who btw did an amazing job, I can’t wait for you guys to see my Youtube video. Anyway so I thought why not give you a summary of the weekend and the blues I am now experiencing *cries*.

The 1975, headline the Parklife Stageon Saturday 10th June with the likes of Two Door Cinema, Chaka Khan, Cabbage, The Japanese House and more also featuring throughout the day. On Sunday 11th June, headline duties are left to the silky smooth sonics of Frank Ocean with main support coming from the world’s best ever hip hop troupe, A Tribe Called Quest.

thumb_IMG_0242_1024.jpgphotos by my camera man Mitch – 

Even though it was bloody miserable weather all weekend, I have already promised myself I’ll be heading back next year.

2017 was actually my first year at Parklife and it really did not disappoint. If anyone is planning on heading there next year, it is the perfect festival for those who love the music but hate the whole camping situation.

Unlike other festivals I’ve been to, like V Festival and Creamfields, I was a bit apprehensive about not camping because I do really love the camp-fire atmosphere at festivals. But MY GOD was I wrong.

The shuttle-bus services is also a must. Parklife puts on a Stagecoach bus service to Heaton Park on both days of the festival. I’m sure it was about  £10  for the travel pass. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to buy a pass and the taxi companies were charging a ridiculous price to get home. The worst quote that i got was, £95….. A big 95? When i paid £6.50 to get to heaton Park in the first place with the same cab service. Me and my mates agreed on £30 which was still pricey considering.

Jme, Skepta and the rest of the BBK crew top the bill at Temple the same night, following sets from a heap of grime gods such as Jhus, Giggs, AJ Tracey and P Money while grimy selectors DJ EZ and Preditahalso deliver on day one. On Sunday, David Rodigan is left in charge of proceedings and has selected Damian Marley, Andy C, Wiley, Danny Brown and shed loads more to bring the bass.




And I can’t forget how amaze the lineup was. At less than £100 for the weekend ticket, the acts they had in store was just ridiculous- you cannot argue with that value for money when we spend over £200 for most weekend festivals in rainy Britain. I just remember, when the lineup was released, thinking ‘is that a joke???’; and then started counting down the days till.




The only thing that was a lil annoying (apart from the weather…) was the clashes in the lineup and Giggs refusing to do an interview with any radio station which hurt my feelings a little bit. (lol)  I guess he was just really tired from travelling.

Also, can someone remind me NOT to wear Timbs next year pls? What was I thinking ^. Basically, we all may as well of not did our makeup for the first day, or our hair. It rained ALL flippin’ day to the point where everyone didn’t care any more.


So, apart from the rain and missing Frank Ocean, I literally had the most amazing weekend and I am absolutely guttered to be home. I loved it too because when I got tired and it started raining terribly, I was able to sit the the press area and they had free drinks for us which was kind.  I honestly can’t say a bad word about this festival. Personally, we had no major problems with queues, as we were press so we got to use the staff entrance and Thank God for that as the que was from here to jupiter.

If you’re interested in being my cameraman for Wireless Festival, please get in touch. Its a great experience. None of that crowd and lining up rubbish. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! If anyone has any questions about the weekend or if you’re thinking about going next year- hit me up in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer!

Watch out for my youtube channel. You get to see what went down!!!!


Till next year Parklife.

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