Unplug to Recharge – Where you been?

Hello, all


Your friendly neighbourhood Mez in the mix here to drop a bit of wisdom on ya.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of overdoing it and if you are an ambitious achiever like me, you often find yourself taking on or doing way too much for you body to keep up with.No matter where you live in the world, many of us can relate to feeling overstretched but yet feeling like your not doing enough.

For me, I get set on a routine. I have a to-do list and I’m ticking off the next item. We all have responsibilities to do, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to put those responsibilities aside and just enjoy the day. I have to ALWAYS remind myself that I’m still so young and still have memories to make besides from working 24/7.

Silencing that niggling feeling of a voice that whispers “You’re not doing enough”.

Look at (insert, person on your social media timeline who has just announced a new job and seems to live the perfect life.*

Well , do you know what

F the voice. I know I’m doing enough. I am ME!

I am on my own journey.

I had to stop being so harsh on myself and it does not help that I am a perfectionist so you can imagine my anxiety and stress at work when things slightly don’t go to plan and when things are out of my control.

Why is it so hard for us to enjoy the moment without thinking about what we should be doing? We will always have a long list of to-do’s, but we don’t always get the time to spend quality time with family and friends.

I had to make a conscious decision over the summer to take some time off and relax. I got so many messages and people messaging me saying, “why are you not blogging or video recording etc, and the honest answer is, I knew the new term was going to be extremely busy. I think I owed it to myself to enjoy the summer because it’s the only time I’d really get a long break for a long time.

Now that I’m back in Manchester, I’ve never been more motivated to get settled in and work harder then ever. I’ve set myself mini goals each day.

I encourage everyone to find some time to relax especially if you are overworked enjoy the people in your life. Don’t think about what you need to be doing, but be in the moment and cherish each conversation, and each laugh. Life is too short to be so busy that we are missing out on.

I don’t know, I could be alone in this but I suspect I am not. Lets just take this moment to clarify:
1. You are doing fine.
2.What everyone else is up to has absolutely no bearing on your success
3. Refuelling principal

You get more done quicker when you step back and recharge the brain and body.

That’s it, I am done preaching now, I promise x

I’m ready for my beast mode 100%



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