World Mental Health Day


There is no doubt that the 20s are the most confusing, strange, and loneliest times But can also be a lot of fun. I accomplished a lot, no doubt. I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself growing up and was more accepting of who I was. As I get older and wiser, and more self aware, I take the time to reflect on what life has taught me. Take these 20 harsh realities as a reminder that we all struggle with similar things and that your 20s is only a small sliver of a long and prosperous life.

Happy Mental Health Awareness Day x

20 things I learnt at 20.

Life is a game of give and take, and it’s not easy figuring out how to juggle it all. But spending time being worried about what everyone else thinks and trying to make everyone else happy is the fastest way to lose your balance and make yourself miserable.

2. You won’t always make the right choices. But you always have the power to try to make your choices correctly.

3. You have the power to set yourself free.
Revenge, resentment and anger are band-aid emotions that cover up deeper issues. Figure out the real issues instead of taking out your surface issues on others. You’ll set yourself free. Trust me.

4. Playing the victim is a one-way ticket to nowhere. Life isn’t about the hand you’re dealt: It’s how your play your cards.

5. Believe in something. Whatever it is, believe in it all the way, with fire in your eyes and passion in your heart. It’s better to have strong convictions and hold onto your beliefs than be indecisive and never have an opinion. Be full of passion. Find something you enjoy and dedicate 10k hours.

6. Sometimes, nothing can make a situation OK. All you can do is repeat to yourself, “It won’t always hurt this much. It won’t always feel this way.” But allow yourself to cry then you gotta be gangsta.

7. Some people win the lottery, but instead of checking their numbers, they just keep buying new tickets. Then, they realize the winning ticket has expired, and they’ve lost their chance to have it all. Appreciate what you have. The grass isn’t always greener.

8 . Value your vision. It’s yours and yours alone. Keep sight of your goals, but learn to be flexible about taking different paths to reach those goals. Setbacks create comebacks.

9. No matter how much of a fool you make of yourself on the first date, how awkward a situation becomes or how bad it gets, if it’s meant to be, it will BE. I truly believe this. It took me a while but I do now. You will never have to chase what wants to stay.

10. When you give the world the best you have, the best comes back to you.

11. There is no end to grief, but there is also no end to love. Grief reminds us we’re alive. Love allows us to survive.

12. It’s not about what you used to be; it’s about what you can be. Yesterday does not define you. Choose to create the tomorrow you want for yourself.

13. Earn it, even if it’s a longer road that doesn’t give you the instant gratification you so desperately desire right now. Earn it so no one can ever say they just gave it to you. Urgh

14. The best way out is always through.

15. We live in a society that makes a profit off our insecurities. We all have vices: diets, weight loss, makeup, hair plugs, gyms, clothes, etc. But you don’t have to buy what others are selling. Being comfortable with yourself is the greatest luxury you’ll ever have.

16. You spend a lot of time in your 20s wanting people to like you. Thirty is the age where it’s more important for people to actually know you.
17. Spending is easier than saving
When you rely on yourself financially, saving is so hard. Every month the list of things you need grows bigger, and sometimes you have to cut back in order to survive. But try
18. Growing older doesn’t mean figuring it all out. Growing older means growing wiser to the fact that we actually don’t know it all. Not knowing it all is what makes this life an adventure full of great stories to come.

I couldn’t think of any more but this is me ,still at 20 feeling wiser than ever just a bit chubbier then before but I wouldn’t change my chubby self for the world.




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