My Time at BBC Radio 1/1xtra/Asian Network

My Time at BBC Radio 1/1xtra/Asian Network

Everyone who knows me, knows that I’ve had this dream of being a radio presenter for as long as I can remember and I’ve always pushed to make opportunities happen to  bring me closer to the reality that shall be, (In Jesus Name). 

Thank God, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to do a placement with the holy gail of radio, that being BBC Radio 1/1xta/Asain Network. 

I’m limited to applying for many schemes or doing anything that will require me to be there longer than a week, because I am a full time 3rd year student at University on the other side of the city so when I was given the opportunity to do work experience at BBC 1/ 1xtra /Asian Network, for a short period, I made the absolute most of my time there, learning and absorbing things like a sponge.

Everyone was super duper friendly, that it seemed so unreal.

In big work places, the misconception is that everyone is pretty much, up their own behind but with all my heart, I mean everyone was absolutely so welcoming and so warm that it was almost a dream.

OMG! I just remembered, funny thing is, a while back I have this diary that I still keep and flick through once in a while to remind myself of my dreams, I remember writing down, a while back  “I shall get work experience at the BBC” and here I am.


What happened next was not only a fantastic experience and a real insight into BBC Radio 1/1XTRA as a network but such  a big step in the direction I wanted to head because they taught me so much. I learnt so much about the different job roles besides the obvious which is presenting and producing. We had a session on interview and application tips where the big bosses gave us an insight on what they look for and how they pick out candidates as BBC is known to be very competitive. 

Worked on voxpops – got to go in the studio to be shown the equipment and software, and got to play around with it a little bit. GOT TO WATCH STORMZY PERFORM LIVE ON LIVE LOUNGE, whilst Clara Amfo was in the studio live…… LORD!!!!!!  He performed alongside Mabel and did a cover for Sweet like Chocolate. I was in the studio whislt this was happening dancing my life away, it was such an experience, and last but not least which was the icing on the cake, 

 I worked alongside Sian Anderson on a cover show for Ace, helping construct questions for the guest Roodney P and she put me on AIR! Lord. I was so nervous but yet I handled it well. 

I was just soaking up the expertise around me, the training is very professionally run by a team who genuinely care about your future career and who are there throughout the course of your time there to answer questions and give tips on how to make the most of your time. Working there gave me the motivation that I never knew I had. It just fuelled a sense of  zeal and urgency to complete university, move back to London and go follow my dreams.


3 tips I can give from what I learnt being there is….

  • BBC love content and kept emphasising this. Having your own content is very important. They love when people are going out and doing their own thing. especially now, that we live in a time where people make careers from youtube, instagram etc so be open to making content. If you do, keep doing that, you’re heading in the right direction and if you don’t then start. Bloginging, Youtube etc. 
  • KNOW THE Network. If for example BBC is a path that you want to go down then KNOWWWWWWW the network. Know what they stand for. Their TARGET audience. What music do they play? Whats the show format? and schedules? Do you listen to Radio 1/1xtra Asain network? So important that you know about the network if you want to work for them one day. You can’t say you want to work for BBC radio 1xtra and have never listen to their network a day in your life. Listening is how you get familiar with the network without physically being there. 
  • Last but not least, have a passion and really go for it. At the end of the day, it all boils down to passion. YOUR PASSION for something is what fuels you to do the things that you do.  Have a genuine passion for what you want to do and go out and make it a reality. Don’t just rely on big companies. If you want to be a producer, are you getting involved in community radio or if your studying are you involved in your University House Radio?


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