Majid Jordan, Concert Review

Sometimes, it’s worth braving the cold weather to be part of something special, in the moment and that was the case for Majid Jordan

The dynamic duo of Majid Jordan kick off “The Space Between European World Tour in Manchester and it was personally a night I’ll never forget.

On Monday night, Majid Jordan kick started their leg of the world Tour in Manchester 02 Ritz.

Prior to the headliners entrance to the stage, their tour DJ played a great part in keeping the room entertained by warming up fans to some R&B classics that belted through the speakers and had the audience singing and dancing along to every song, word from word.  Songs including Drake Teenager Fantasy, Gods Plan, 6BLK, dvsn and more.

He ended his set with the Intro on The Space in between album fading the lights to black.

As soon as the lights came back on stage, smoke filled the stage and there he was.  Jordan was already in full effect on the keys, surrounded in blue luminous lighting.

He went in to a beat making solo that led into Gave Your Love Away. Majid then hit the stage as the beat dropped, wearing an all-white t shirt, matching his all white cap and the crowd went wild, whistling and screaming.

Majid Jordan had the entire room moving the moment they hit the stage. The stage was very simple only utilizing neon lights with a variation of colours. The flashing lights resembled the colours from the Space Between logo that makes up the album. They solely relied on the lights to create the overall mood and to ignite excitement.

Gave Your Love Away lead into “OG Heartthrob.”  And small talk, followed, taken from their self-titled album in 2016. “I’ve already said too much, and I don’t want to rush right now….”(..)   Majid sang each song with flair, and the embodiment of effortless, prompting the audience, to sing along with him, which they did, belting out each note at a time, in union and in sync. The track, “The Space Between,” lets us know exactly what that space refers to (“Live in the moment with me”) and I was certainly caught in the moment, and blown away.

Playing the “oldies but goodies” combining an intriguing range of tracks from The Space in-between album and their very first EP, “A Place like this” which made the body of the set list, including tracks such as Body talk, their lead single Phases, “Not afraid, and What You Do To Me, and towards the second half of the show, they began to slow it down, with their tracks such as You, King City and Not Ashamed.

Majid Jordan teased us, while they performed “One I Want,” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR, and “Imagination,” featuring DVSN, their OVO Sound colleagues  but they didn’t make a guest appearances.

They said their goodbyes, an hour in, but of course the crowd, couldn’t resist. I certainly couldn’t resist. Encore, Encore!  Majid and Jordan were back out to sing their standout track, and there wasn’t one person in that room that wasn’t belting out the lyrics, word from word to the song, HER.

He bid a farewell speech over a spacey inspirational instrumental and I still can’t believe it’s the end. Until next time.

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